More Poetry Published!

I can’t tell you how exciting, humbling, nerve-wracking, and truly wonderful it has been to get some of the feedback I’m getting to the poetry I’m writing. It’s been my writing focus for the past year. It’s mostly political, though my recently-published poem was a portrait piece.

I call it “Ninety-Six,” though it was published as “Poppop”. I promise to do a reading soon–I’m just so excited that I had to tell you!

I will say, the hardest thing that I’ve found about poetry is that as a spoken word poet, it’s very hard for me to transfer that onto the page. The structure isn’t always evident. This particular poem was more structured, but my husband still needed me to read it aloud in order to give him a sense of the rhythm.

I’ll be doing a reading of not-yet-published poetry at Sky Stage next week.

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