Writing Samples & Where Else I’ve Been Seen



For all articles remaining online from the Urbana Town Courier, click here: http://towncourier.com/urbana/author/kari-martindale/

My favorite of those articles was Chief Nightwalker Shares the Story of the Palouse Tribe: http://towncourier.com/urbana/chief-nightwalker/

Past frequent paid contributor to Germany, Ja!, including “Me, the Kid, and Rome,” and “Is German Kindergarten Right for My Child?” (2012-2016)


The Sauerkraut Song” featured in Bard Fest 2021.

“Suburban Lies” published in Pen-in-Hand (2020)

My Bilingual Haiku Pun appeared in Mensa Bulletin, April/May 2020.  Photo of haiku at Karilogue: http://karilogue.com/my-bilingual-haiku-pun-lolz/ (2020)


Featured in the Friends of Urbana Library Author Spotlight Series. (2020)

Interview in The Urbana Town Courier: “Frederick Chapter of the Maryland Writers’ Association is Off and Writing”  (2019)

Quoted in “Expat Education: An Expat’s Guide to Choosing a School Overseas (Mobbs)” (2019) – https://amzn.to/2JUa65T

Interview with Expatfinder.com:  Kari Martindale: Expat in Germany (2017)

Parenting interview for Kinstantly.com: “The country that invented kindergarten is doing something pretty great we should all pay attention to” (2016)

An interview with MultiCOOLty: March 10, 2014 (2014)

An interview with Expat Blog: “My days are filled with German moments” (2013)

Blogging/Guest Blogging

Engchik guest blog post: Harper’s Ferry Road Trip RV-Style (2017)

Tweets popped up in “7 surefire signs your kids are definitely German” on thelocal.de (2017) https://www.thelocal.de/20170217/7-surefire-signs-your-kids-are-definitely-german-list

Featured several times on Expatica.com, including “The Less Glamorous Side of Expat Life,” “10 Reasons to Be a Kid in Germany,” “15 Ways to Help Your Child Learn German,” and “Dirty and Rejuvenated in Bad Orb.” (2013-2016)

For a travel piece about the awesome Märchenstraße, the Fairy Tale Route through Germany, see http://karilogue.com/the-fairy-tale-route-with-a-5-year-old-keepin-it-rea

…and for fostering language acquisition in your child: http://karilogue.com/15-ways-you-can-help-foster-your-childs-foreign-language-acquisition/

For a piece on the difference between Kindergarten in Germany and schools in America, see “Weaving, Hitting, Learning” at http://karilogue.com/weaving-hitting-learning/