Clips & Where Else I’ve Been Seen


Forthcoming: No Room at the Inn, to be included in Maryland Bards’ Poetry Review 2022

“Ninety-Six” (appearing as “Poppop”) published in Pen-in-Hand (2021)

The Sauerkraut Song” featured in Bard Fest 2021

“Suburban Lies” published in Pen-in-Hand (2020)

My Bilingual Haiku Pun appeared in Mensa Bulletin, April/May 2020.  Photo of haiku at Karilogue: (2020)


For all articles remaining online from the Urbana Town Courier, click here:

My favorite of those articles was Chief Nightwalker Shares the Story of the Palouse Tribe:

Past frequent paid contributor to Germany, Ja!, including “Me, the Kid, and Rome,” and “Is German Kindergarten Right for My Child?” (2012-2016)


Instagram Live! kidlit #supportindiesummer presentation with Maryland Writers’ Association. (2021)

Featured in the Friends of Urbana Library Author Spotlight Series. (2020)

Interview in The Urbana Town Courier: “Frederick Chapter of the Maryland Writers’ Association is Off and Writing”  (2019)

Quoted in “Expat Education: An Expat’s Guide to Choosing a School Overseas (Mobbs)” (2019) –

Interview with  Kari Martindale: Expat in Germany (2017)

Parenting interview for “The country that invented kindergarten is doing something pretty great we should all pay attention to” (2016)

An interview with MultiCOOLty: March 10, 2014 (2014)

An interview with Expat Blog: “My days are filled with German moments” (2013)

Blogging/Guest Blogging

Engchik guest blog post: Harper’s Ferry Road Trip RV-Style (2017)

Tweets popped up in “7 surefire signs your kids are definitely German” on (2017)

Featured several times on, including “The Less Glamorous Side of Expat Life,” “10 Reasons to Be a Kid in Germany,” “15 Ways to Help Your Child Learn German,” and “Dirty and Rejuvenated in Bad Orb.” (2013-2016)

For a travel piece about the awesome Märchenstraße, the Fairy Tale Route through Germany, see

…and for fostering language acquisition in your child:

For a piece on the difference between Kindergarten in Germany and schools in America, see “Weaving, Hitting, Learning” at