Stay tuned for more blogging!

I know, it’s been a while. But I’m working on several posts for Karilogue and one or two for this blog. (If you’re a former Facebook friend who followed me here when I left Facebook, is where I blog content more like what I posted to fb–this website here is mainly for my poetry/writing happenings. So follow me over there, too!)

I have been busy busy busy with poetry and the writing community. I recently blogged for EC Poetry & Prose about our activities, which includes a lot of what I’ve been up to:

You can keep up to date on my goings-on here on this website by clicking on the Calendar of Events on the top menu bar or the sidebar.

I’m working on several projects–poetry and a screenplay. Right now, I’m at a lull in the screenplay, so my writing energy is going into some blog posts.

Right now, I’m headed to Alaska for a short trip. Like, today. In a few hours. Alaska! I haven’t been there in 20 years! And it’s my first time in Fairbanks. I packed John Muir’s Travels in Alaska for the plane, along with some Robert Service poetry.

Glacier Bay, 2002, when my husband and I got married on a cruise through the Inner Passage.

Meanwhile, I’ve been learning how to make Reels (late to the game as usual). Here’s one I made about food in 2022. One is coming soon featuring my 2022 journey as a poet!

I’ll write at you soon!

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