Stop Injustice Painting: Recordings of My Two Ekphrastic Pieces

Back in November, I participated in a very cool ekphrastic event, writing to the art in a beautiful show at the Baltimore County Arts Guild, PORTRAITS OF LIFE: Once Upon A Story, featuring artists April M Rimpo and Elaine Weiner-Reed.

Poets chose works that spoke to them. I chose Elaine’s painting “Stop Injustice.” Below you’ll find recordings.

A few weeks before the event, I submitted No Room at the Inn because what I personally saw in the painting evoked images of, and feelings about, the ongoing global refugee crisis. However, the day before the show came a true injustice: the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. I spent the day writing and revising a poem which, the next day, I read in its very raw form. I called it Stop the Injustice: A Thanksgiving Message.

I spoke with Patti Ross, who was hosting the event and, sight unseen, she said I could switch out the poem I was reading (though I did have the opportunity to read the original No Room at the Inn at the closing reception for the art show).

Elaine has since posted recordings of both poems, at

I also encourage you to watch Elaine’s video about her art; the video features clips from the ekphrastic event, including clips from other EC Poetry & Prose poets. I connect with Elaine’s artwork and am looking forward to an event in June, at the Montpelier Arts Center, where I will again participate in an ekphrastic event featuring different artwork.

Selfie with Artist Elaine Weiner-Reed in front of Stop Injustice, the painting I chose

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