Takin’ a trip

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve taken a trip, so I’m taking a trip.

My daughter Sequoia and I will be heading to Germany, where I’ll be doing some research for the June’s Hat manuscript and Sequoia will be maintaining her German.  Some Guy’s Hat won’t be traveling with us, though.

We’ll be gone from 04-22 April.  It’s fewer than 100 days from now, which I know because the kid has a countdown going.

You can follow me on twitter @kariloguekari (here), where I’ll be tweeting from Germany.  Current tweets are typically about travel, language, and writing.

You can follow my journaling process on pinterest @karilogue – if you don’t want to follow all of my pinterest boards, the journaling board is here, traveling with kids is here,  and Germany is here.

Don’t forget that you can also follow me on instagram, @karilogue (here).  Posts are usually about travel, food, occasionally my dogs, and some random stuff (in summer, my gardens).

I’ll start back up with some posting to the Kari Ann Martindale – Karilogue facebook page (here), also mainly travel stuff.  You might even catch me going live, if anything crazy starts happening.

sgh some guy's hat
She’s leaving me home. I haz the sadz.

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