“Capitol Offense”

For the one-year anniversary of the Insurrection, I just recorded the spoken word piece I wrote last year in the aftermath. Ignore the dark circles around my eyes--I've been dealing with some stressfully stressful stress this week. (Text below) https://youtu.be/08LOlDm9hnY CAPITOL OFFENSE Kari A. Martindale From ALLCAPS on Parler to the Capitol parlor,  groups carpool … Continue reading “Capitol Offense”

Giving Tuesday Suggestions & Christmas Ideas!

I want to share some organizations you could donate to today (or any day!), and why they mean something to me. Plus, some suggestions for how to double up and not only support an organization but check people off your Christmas list! There are also tips for organizations to maybe look into in your own … Continue reading Giving Tuesday Suggestions & Christmas Ideas!

The “Sauerkraut Song” Link

Just wanted to post my reading of "The Sauerkraut Song," which was featured by Berks Bards for Bardfest '21, held during National Poetry Month, and featured on BCTV (Berks County TV in Pennsylvania). *UPDATE: I WILL SOON RE-RECORD THIS TO REFLECT HOW MY SPOKEN WORD PERFORMANCE HAS IMPROVED.* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P03mluA4rSo It really was surreal to see … Continue reading The “Sauerkraut Song” Link