“No Room at the Inn” forthcoming in Maryland Bards’ Poetry Review 2022

“Ninety-Six” (appearing as “Poppop”) published in Pen-in-Hand (2021)

The Sauerkraut Song” featured in Bard Fest 2021 (2021)

“Suburban Lies” published in Pen-in-Hand (2020)

My Bilingual Haiku Pun appeared in Mensa Bulletin, April/May 2020.  Photo of haiku at Karilogue: (2020)


Kari previously self-published two books in the Flash Series, including The Time Flash Had the Best Day Ever, and The Christmas Flash Couldn’t Even.  

flash series books

A great introduction to empathy and social cues, The Time Flash Had the Best Day Ever follows Flash on his awesome day. But will Flash–or readers–notice that it’s not Squirt’s best day ever?  As the title The Christmas Flash Couldn’t Even suggests, Flash is exasperated because it’s Christmas Eve and his family isn’t ready for Christmas. But is Flash ready?

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